Save the Grey Fire Department

Save the Grey Fire Department

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Why this petition matters

Started by Emily Boyer

In his report to Council dated April 5, 2022, Huron East CAO Brad McRoberts made the following recommendation:

That the Council of the Municipality of Huron East support the concept of the consolidation of the Brussels and Grey Fire Departments pending more detailed cost and conceptual drawings and departmental & public consultation;
And Further that Council direct staff to proceed more concept designs for an expansion of the existing Brussels Fire Hall to accommodate:
Brussels/Grey Fire Department needs; and
County of Huron EMS

Now, on the Council Agenda for May 17, 2022, Report CAO-22-28 Huron East Fire Services, the recommendation going to Council is recommending that over the next 5 years, we phase out the Brussels and Grey districts into a Huron East North Fire District located in Brussels. The Grey Fire Hall would be closed and sold. The Brussels Fire Hall would be hopefully leased or sold to Huron County to locate Huron County EMS. A New Consolidated Huron East North Division Fire Station/Public Works building is estimated to be $3,150,000.

There has been NO PUBLIC CONSULTATION. Council has not had the opportunity to hear directly from the fire departments or members of the public. The CAO consulted with the Grey Fire Department at ONE meeting in April 2022 and he was informed that if a consolidated fire department located in Brussels moves forward, the majority of the Grey Fire Department would resign. None of Grey Fire Department's alternative recommendations to decrease costs are included in the report:

  1. Decreasing the number of firetrucks in Grey from 3 to 2 ($500,000 savings every 20 years)
  2. Brussels station to eliminate a rescue truck; ($500,000 savings every 20 years)
  3. Seaforth to get rid of two trucks. Mutual aid between the stations would cover the reduction of the number of trucks in a serious incident. ($1,000,000 over 20 years)
  4. Equipment purchases should be consolidated between all three stations for fleet purchasing discounts. 

Our Grey Township Fire Chief Gary Boyer received the email with the Agenda on Friday, May 13, 2022 at 3:23p.m. and when he tried to register to speak as a delegation at this meeting on behalf of the Grey Fire Department, he was told he was past the deadline of noon on the Thursday before the meeting, which would have been BEFORE the Agenda was released.
How can you register to speak to a report that hasn't been released to the public yet? Why does the CAO not want to allow Council to hear the fire department's arguments? It might be good for Council to know that they stand to lose 22 firefighters. How can he say there wouldn't be a decrease in service???

We need your support!

Contact your councillors and register to speak as a delegation at Tuesday's meeting.
Share your opinion on a consolidated Fire Department with minimal cost savings and reduced response times and ask COUNCIL TO VOTE NO TO CONSOLIDATING GREY AND BRUSSELS FIRE DEPARTMENTS INTO HURON EAST NORTH FIRE located in Brussels with a new Public Works North Operations Centre/North Fire District Fire Hall.
This is trying to be passed quietly on an electronic Council Meeting, they are denying requests to appear before council AND its an Election Year, Your Opinion Should Matter!! 

Mayor Bernie MacLellan
Deputy Mayor Bob Fisher
Grey Township Councillors
Alvin McLellan 519-887-9456
Dianne Diehl 519-291-7855
Brussels Councillors
Justin Morrison 519-357-7471
Zoey Onn 519-887-6336
McKillop Councillors
Brenda Dalton 519-527-1663
Gloria Willbee 519-887-6482
Seaforth Councillor
Joe Steffler 519-440-8481
Tuckersmith Ward
Raymond Chartrand 519-600-0153
Larry McGrath 519-522-0236

CAO Brad McRoberts 519-527-0160 ext. 27
Jessica Rudy Clerk 519-527-0160 ext. 37


1,262 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!