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2017 recall of Gov. Jerry Brown

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Jerry Brown spends to much money and has driven our state deeper into debt without balancing our budgets .

Jerry brown has caused our taxes to increase without fixing our states fiscal problems.

Jerry Brown is ignoring the Laws that keeps our citizens safe.

Our government is set in place to enforce the laws of the land.

Jerry brown has proved he is unfit to do so.

Jerry brown is attacking citizens right and protecting people who haven't attained legal citizenship.

With the rise of a California succession Movement from the United States Jerry brown has done nothing to stop the division of the People of California by having meaniful discussions. he has chosen one side of the political spectrum and ignoring everyone else.

jerry brown is considering making California a sanctuary state so that makes him unfit to serve as the governor of this state.

jerry brown is wasting state funds by going into a legal battle with The federal government that cannot be won.

We need to stop the bleeding of what made California the Golden state The most desirable place to live in the world. We need to reject the new California Nanny state and that is increasing homelessness, promoting lawlessness , and causing the oppression of the American Dream.

 Please sign the petition To recall Governor. Edmund Gerald "Jerry" Brown





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