Save the Fremantle Traffic Bridge

Save the Fremantle Traffic Bridge

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The Fremantle Society started this petition to Western Australian State Government (Office of Premier Mark McGowan) and

Save Our Bridge - Act now

Save Fremantle Traffic Bridge

This petition has been created by the Fremantle Society of WA and seeks your help by way of signature to protect and save the old Fremantle Traffic bridge from demolition by the State Government.

Built in 1938, the Fremantle traffic bridge is a well loved entry statement into the town of Fremantle and carries great historical significance showcasing the work of Western Australia's earliest engineers, tradesman and labourers. The unique timber bridge was built with locally sourced Jarrah, is one of the longest wooden traffic bridges in the state and has served the community for 80 proud years. WE BELIEVE THE BRIDGE and the HISTORY of FREMANTLE IS WORTH protecting and SAVING.

Heritage listed: The Fremantle Traffic Bridge currently has the highest level of heritage listing on Fremantle Council’s heritage list, of 1a. It was entered on the State Register of Heritage Places in 2007. It is a total of 224 metres long, comprising 25 standard 6 metre timber spans, three steel beam navigation spans of 2/1/7121 metres, and a 12 metre end span over Beach Street. 

About the Bridge:  Fremantle Traffic Bridge, Bridge No. 916, carries Queen Victoria Street, linking Stirling Highway and Canning Highway, over the Swan River just
up stream of the Fremantle Harbour. The bridge forms an important artery in
Perth's road system, as it is one of the main Perth-Fremantle links, handling
around 20,000 plus vehicles per day.

It carries four lanes of traffic plus a footpath and also supports a number of utility services such as water, gas, electricity, fuel oil and telecommunications. The river beneath is used by river traffic for accessing the ocean and travelling up stream from the port.

Community: From a community perspective the bridge is a vital and much loved link that connects North Fremantle businesses and residents to greater Fremantle. In the summer time it is a much loved roadway that carries beach going commuters from all surrounding suburbs to the crystal cool waters of the Indian Ocean at both Port and Leighton beaches.

Whether you are a polar bear, avid swimmer and beach lover, tourist or a local nipper ready to hit the surf, the bridge provides a truck free way to walk, ride or drive to the beach and needs your help to be protected and continue serving the local community.

Stop the State Government wrecking ball and plans to demolish the Old bridge.

This petition has come about as the Western Australian State Government has announced plans to build a new traffic bridge in Fremantle that would see the demolition and complete replacement of the historical old Fremantle traffic bridge.

While the Fremantle Society welcomes investment in our great city of Fremantle we fight to protect our heritage as its why people love Fremantle! We recommend that the State Government retains the Old Fremantle traffic bridge to be utilised for the continued benefit of the local community to connect North Fremantle and greater Fremantle and showcase the bridge's proud history for all Western Australians.

Sign and share this petition today and SAVE the FREMANTLE TRAFFIC BRIDGE.


"Fighting for FREO Heritage, now and forever!"

THE Formal petition part

To the President and Members of the Legislative Council of Western Australia

We the undersigned are opposed to the demolition of the Old Fremantle Traffic Bridge.

We therefore ask the Legislative Council to oppose the demolition of the Old Traffic Bridge and direct the Minister for Transport to build the new bridge in an alternative location.


Further actions 

If you are keen to elevate your support, please email and phone your local MP and Minister Saffioti.

Minister of Transport and Planning, Rita Saffioti (p) 6552 5500

Premier Mark McGowan 2, Havelock Street, West Perth

Premier's email:

The Hon Alannah Mactiernan. Minister for Ports and Regional Development    e-Mail:

Mayor Brad Pettitt, 12 Chalmers Street, Fremantle,

Fremantle - Simone McGurk (e) (p) 9336 7000
Cottesloe - David Honey (e) (p) 93831505

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At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!