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'Save the Field of Dreams' to Go The Distance Baseball LLC: Move the All-Star Ballpark Heaven project to a more suitable location.

Go the Distance Baseball LLC developers Mike and Denise Stillman, the contractual new owners of the iconic "Field of Dreams" movie site, are planning to build a $38 million, 24 ball field mega sports complex on the 193-acre farm in Dyersville, Iowa turning it into a destination spot for youth baseball and softball athletes.

Although we fully support these sports activities, the project will almost certainly have an adverse effect on the town, a majority of its residents and neighboring farmers. But most importantly, it will destroy the area surrounding this inspirational and emotional filming location that thousands of people visit each year.

The goal here is simple: spread the word to not just fans of the movie, but baseball aficionados and concerned individuals around the globe that what is about to happen is WRONG! To move this project to a more suitable area away from the iconic "Field of Dreams" movie site would be best for everyone involved, first and foremost the concerned residents of Dubuque County and Dyersville, Iowa whom we stand with! This important place should be preserved just as it stood in the original film and not overtaken by a commercial development that will forever alter the site’s irreplaceable, one-of-kind allure.

If you are in support of having this sports complex built, but moved to a more suitable location away from the "Field of Dreams" movie site, please sign our petition. If you do not wish to include your entire name, you may enter just your first name and the first initial of your last name. Another option is to uncheck the box at the bottom that says “Display my signature on” if you wish to keep your information private.

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