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Save The Emery Theatre!

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The Emery Theatre is one of only four acoustically pure theaters in the country. Along with Orchestra Hall In Detroit and Orchestra Hall in Chicago, The Emery is a sister building to New York City’s legendary Carnegie Hall. It has played host to historic performances from George Gershwin, John Philip Sousa, Bette Davis, Arturo Toscanini, Fritz Reiner, Katherine Cornell, and Russian ballet dancers Nijinsky and Anna Pavlova. The Cincinnnati Symphony Orchestra called The Emery its home from 1912 to 1936. In recent years it has hosted many multi-disciplinary arts events including the 11.11.11 launch, Final Friday Art Shows, movie premiers, Midpoint Music Festival, theater productions, dance performances and more.


The Requiem Project, Inc. - The Requiem Project is a 501c3 not-for-profit arts company founded in 2008 to re-open The Emery Theatre as a venue for music, theatre, dance, film, visual arts, and arts-based programs. 

University of Cincinnati (UC) - UC assumed control of the Ohio Mechanics’ Institute in 1969 and the Ohio Mechanics Institute’s obligations as trustee of the charitable trust that held the building (including the theatre).

Emery Center Apartment Limited Partnership (ECALP) - the Emery Center Apartment Limited Partnership, is a for-profit company. In 1999, ECALP leased the entire building from The University of Cincinnati and still holds a master-lease on the property.

Emery Center Corporation (ECC) - Emery Center Corporation (“ECC”) is an Ohio non-profit corporation that subleases the portion of the building containing the Theatre from ECALP.


In the process of preparing for the lawsuit, here is what their attorneys discovered in their fact-finding:

The University of Cincinnati, a public institution operating with our taxpayer dollars, literally gave away a public [i.e. taxpayer-owned] building via a sweetheart $1-a-year 40-year lease to a private company [the Emery Center Apartments] along with almost $3 million [of our taxpayer] dollars while claiming they were just doing it so they can renovate the Emery Theatre.

This questionable deal enabled the private company to collect luxury apartment rents for 15 years in a publicly-owned building… thereby also evading Cincinnati city taxes (because university-owned buildings are exempt from property taxes).

Worse, along the way, UC actually allowed the developer to demolish and destroy the Emery’s bathrooms, balcony and stairs so they could build even more luxury apartments.

And oh by the way, close to $5 million taxpayer dollars disappeared into thin air and absolutely no renovations were ever performed. UC and the Emery Center Apartments management never re-opened the theatre. In fact, it is closed today without a plan to reopen (ever).


The Requiem Project had a binding agreement to lease the Emery Theatre in order to restore it. The people who control the building reneged for no cause and no reason, so Requiem Project is suing the owner of the building and their agents.

Requiem Project has hosted many multi-disciplinary arts events including the 11.11.11 launch, Final Friday Art Shows, movie premiers, Midpoint Music Festival, theater productions, dance performances and more. They have provided an invaluable service to our city through partnerships with the Cincinnati Homeless Coalition, Starfire Council and many other community organizations. 

Click here for a look at the first year of Requiem Project's programming at The Emery.  Then consider that a small team of passionate individuals and generous volunteers made more happen in one year than UC, ECC and ECALP have done in decades. 


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Stand up and have your voice heard. Let the University of Cincinnati, Emery Center Corporation, and Emery Center Apartments Limited Partnership know that you value The Emery's history and its future as a cornerstone in the Cincinnati arts culture. Sign the petition and share it with everyone you know.

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