Save the Eagleby Wetlands from the Coomera Connector

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Melissa McMahon has now set up a new digital petition to present to the Minister for Main Roads to request an alternate route. Cany you please sign it if you are a Queensland resident as well as signing this petition.

We know that congestion on the M1 needs to be fixed but this second to last leg of the Coomera Connector is in the wrong place and there has to be an alternative there ARE alternatives.

This Community is a group of concerned residents wanting to save ALL of the Eagleby Wetlands and it's flora and fauna as well as respect the Traditional land owners and all of the residents of this beautiful suburb.

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The ‘Coomera Connector’ will cut through & disturb many of the 10 wetland reserves of Eagleby.

The Coomera Connector in Eagleby
Further details and maps can be found at

The ‘collateral damage’ in Eagleby from the ‘Coomera Connector’.
Eagleby will be impacted in numerous areas of life, by this proposed 6-lane road.
Eagleby will be sandwiched between two major motorways: the M1 and its duplicate, the ‘Coomera Connector’.

It is proposed that Fryar Rd will carry a connector road to bridge the 6-lane ‘Coomera Connector’ across the river to Mt Cotton, and vice-versa. This will lead to significantly increased traffic on Fryar Rd, especially during peak hours. This traffic will run right past primary schools, Child Care Centres, homes, and lifestyle villages.
There will be a significant increase in noise and air pollution, impacting the majority of Eagleby residents that will reside between the two motorways.

Unique Plants and Animals
The Eagleby area is full of a diverse variety of over 200 native Australian bird species, that either frequent, or live in the wetland areas of Eagleby. These include 19 of the 24 Australian raptors and almost half of the total bird species found in QLD.
Although it is claimed that the proposed ‘Coomera Connector’ will not impact the wetlands, they are only referring to the “Eagleby Wetlands” at the Oliver Sports Complex. These wetlands are only 1 out of 10 reserves that make up our wetlands. The ‘Coomera Connector’ will cut through or disturb many of the other reserves (refer to front page image).

Effect on People
The effects on the residents of Eagleby are likely to be extensive. The ‘Coomera Connector’ will not only affect land owners and residents, it will also affect the hundreds of residents at the two lifestyle villages, anyone trying to drive through Eagleby on our existing roads, as well as all of the children that attend both schools and the multiple child care centres. Children will have to contend with increased air pollutants as their bodies are still developing, as well as an increased risk of road traffic accidents as they travel to and from their homes.
There are many categories of land owners in this area, building a life in a beautiful part of Eagleby. This includes farmers whose families have been on the land since the late 1800’s!

Eagleby has over 250 unique wild life including a large number of birds.
“Many of the residents at Palm Lake Resort Eagleby oppose the proposed road in its present form. They retired here in Eagleby for the peaceful semi-rural environment and hold grave fears regarding the impact on the flood plains, the wetlands and the social environment of the wider community. They would like planners to think more broadly to resolve road and transport issues.”
- Marilyn Goodwin -

Projects of this scale measure: environmental impacts, cost, duration of work to be completed and the benefit to the community/state and we want to ensure the cost on people is measured beyond just dollars and cents. Everyone of the 13,000 or so residents of Eagleby will be impacted by the changes proposed in some capacity and we need to highlight these impacts.
- Robert Carter -
Social Impact and Wellbeing Coordinator

Children learn from a very young age that actions speak louder than words. They understand that the Eagleby Wetlands, waterways and wildlife are vital to the Eagleby community and Earth. Our children trust that the governing adults, will use environmental facts to act with wisdom; they would never put concrete over the Wetlands and destroy wildlife for transport convenience. Children need to know that their community will be noticed and heard by brave leaders who have the courage to leave a legacy beyond their term in power.
- Libby Jordan -
Logan Resident & Principal,
Eagleby SS
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Sign the petition to state your objection to the ‘Coomera Connector’ travelling through Eagleby and its wetlands.

"As an impacted property owner, and a farmer whose family have worked this land since 1864, this road will destroy both my livelihood and my family’s future".
- Mick Herse -
Just say no to the State Government’s ‘Eagle sandwich’.
Of all the QLD bird species, almost half come to Eagleby, 10 of which are protected international travellers. And yes we have Eagles. Not to mention all the other amazing creatures of the land and rivers of our home. Many which have a protected and vulnerable status.Come join hands in our ‘protect-our-slice-of-paradise’ campaign.
- Jonathan Larkin -
Environmental Impact Coordinator

We need YOUR help!
This fight is going to take ALL of us, UNITED and prepared to act.
If you have a particular skill that you can offer to the Eagleby Community & Wetlands Group, or if you are willing to offer your time to support various protest actions, please use the email below to leave your details of: name, contact number & email, skill/s you can offer and time you can give.

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