SAVE the Drury West Station! Get KiwiRail, AT & Auckland Council on TRACK!

SAVE the Drury West Station! Get KiwiRail, AT & Auckland Council on TRACK!

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Why this petition matters

Started by Heart Auckland

Right now, KiwiRail wants to change the originally approved location for Drury West train station, moving it away from the heart of local community development; the majority of high-density housing zone for the entire area, the future town centre and employment zone, forcing up to 7,000 households, over the next 10 years, into cars and the Southern Motorway.

This should be a decision made final by Auckland Transport, Auckland Council and NZTA but they are passing the buck to KiwiRail, a freight-first network who are NOT community, environmental, social welfare and urban design focused experts.

What we know about their proposed location:

❌  it is unsafe to walk/cycle/scooter/push a pram to, with no bridge access, and requiring crossing the dangerous SH22

❌  it will be disconnected from the future employment zone and town centre

❌  it is beyond walkable standards for the majority of high density housing that has been zoned for the entire Drury West area

❌  it will increase car dependency and carbon emissions for the future growth of Drury West

PWC described state-owned KiwiRail as both “poacher and gamekeeper”, owning and maintaining the network on which it ran its own freight operation and provided access for AT’s commuter rail.

“Auckland’s rail network is currently a freight network that also services passengers, rather than a passenger network that also services freight,” said the case prepared by consultants PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC).

Clearly, KiwiRail are primarily concerned with train infrastructure meeting freight requirements and people-centric last! This is obvious considering Auckland's existing rail network's poor state which will cost $200 million to fix as a result of inadequate maintenance, increasing failures and a long list of repairs!

Given the originally approved location for Drury West station is supported by the local Franklin Board, local Iwi, and residents that live in Drury West, there is clearly a lack of public concern or consultation and this would add to their long list of poor management and decision-making.

We urgently need your help to stop this from happening and to keep our Minister of Transport (Michael Wood), Minister of Housing & Urban Development (Megan Woods), Minister of Finance (Grant Robertson), KiwiRail, Auckland Transport, Auckland Council, and NZTA accountable to the many promises of a better Auckland which will be impaired if the Drury West station is moved.

Signing the petition today is calling for change, more accessible and safe transport infrastructure, concern for community wellbeing, reduced carbon emissions, and a demand for a more sustainable future.

Don’t let the Drury West station become yet another example of poorly planned transport infrastructure in Auckland. Sign today!

1,288 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!