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Anti-dog Meat Campaign

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In our country, dog meat trafficking is present and the fact that this is happening so close to home is what is seriously disturbing. We can't simply ignore the fact that such revulsion exists within our very neighborhoods and thus, we have to bring these happenings into the light of public notice. In the area of Nasugbu, Batangas, Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF) hoped to bust what could be the biggest dog meat trading syndicate it has encountered, following the arrest of five of its supposed members. Over 96 carcasses of slaughtered dogs where found in the owner's van, which are to be sold surreptitiously to an undisclosed restaurant in Baguio City. Each one of them had cuts in the chests and were castrated and burned. The animals' organs were found in a sepearte container inside the van, which are believed to be cooked too. News like this is just a peek into the dark underbelly of Philippine society where the unneeded suffering and deaths of dogs is deemed acceptable for the purpose of sating our appetites. This is an affront to our morality as human beings, I urge everyone to do their part in ending such a travesty.

This article was posted on the website of Philippine Daily Inquirer only a few days ago, the sole thing that struck me was how the Philippine Government failed to pass laws regarding the slaughtering and killing of dogs to be sold as food. In the past, authorities were able to rescue live dogs from butchers as the animals were being transported to the northern Luzon provinces, where there is a market for dog meat. 

 The consumption of dog meat is considered cruel mainly due to it being seen as a taboo and a social stigma in western culture which is why we hope to start a petition to all government agencies worldwide to strictly ban dog meat to end the inhumane act of eating the said object.


News Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer

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