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Petitioning Ashland Juvenile Court ,Child Services of Lorain county (The Father) Mr & Mrs. Handley*Ashland County-Richland County

Save the Children

A excellent innocient drug free Mother is not aloud to be a residential parent for no good reason as of 05/30/12! The judge  made a bad decision that the dead beat father that has never been there for his children to be the residential parent.( my ex wore shorts and flip flops to court that day (april 26 2012) and his cell phone rang threw while court was in session) The man lives in his dads "Basement", never paid his child support on time& late always on his payments for the last 3 yrs., the father has had 6 jobs so far this year walk off of everyone/fired from all these jobs. we went thru 3 lawyers and alot of time and money and sweat and tears,sleepless nights. and the judge never  wanted to here my side of the story(somebody was paid off!!?). we have all the proof in the world (documents, emails,court papers, attorneys input,witness,police depts and more). there is more than just one side of a story and mine was never heard.! My 4 1/2 yr old daughter was molested at her fathers house in november of 2011 my husband (step father) and I took her to the er when i got her back from thanksgiving visitation and i also took her to the nord center. we also took her to counseling a few times also.Child services of lorain co. didn't do anything for us!!! As a mother i can't even get a exam report  from them...This 30 yr old richland county (my ex) man is a boy with no responsibility. he also has a 7 month old daughter by another women that doesn't even live with him and he not aloud to.  My ex (my childrens father) . threw me out every other weekend when i lived with him, and he never worked , i did he didn't. my ex was a control freak /druggy with no life .I would come home from work and my ex would be sleeping on the couch and my one year old twins would wondering the house! when he woke up , my ex would leave and go to his friends houses till 3:00 am. playing vidoe games and smoking drugs/Drinking!  My ex slept till 2:00 p.m. when i lived there. how is he going to watch these children? ( when his daddy is at work or his step mother is at work! . he didn't have a babysitter ex's father should throw him out the nest. The reason why i lost this case was i missed a few visitation(hard to believe, i know) . i received 6 contemp of courts in this last order ! this is so wrong !half of the time my ex forfeited every week visitation, and its my fault by the judge. idk.. btw the court order is so not right lies after lies. my ex and his a attorney would just sit there and laugh all the time in court and the judge did nothing about it !please people we need your HELP to save our children before its to late.!

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  • Ashland Juvenile Court ,Child Services of Lorain county
    (The Father) Mr & Mrs. Handley*Ashland County-Richland County

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