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In the matter of the dogs seized as the result of a criminal investigation involving the operation of a dog-fighting ring in a rural area of Chatham-Kent  in October 2015, and the subsequent announcement that OSPCA is seeking court permission to kill the remaining 21 dogs, we request immediate action be taken by the Provincial Government to intervene in this decision and save these dogs.  (referred to as the Chatham dogs)

While it is understood that some or all of these dogs may be "pit bull" or "pit bull" types and may fall under Breed Specific Legislation in Ontario, we ask that you allow these dogs to be moved out of the Province of Ontario and their lives be saved.

History has taught us that despite being in a dog fighting ring most of these animals can be rehabilitated with training by experienced dog handlers and animal behaviourists as was the case with the Michael Vick dog fighting ring in 2008.  Best Friends Sanctuary in Utah took 22 traumatized, bruised and angry dogs from horrific surroundings and allowed them to heal.  Many became adored family members in loving homes. Some went on to become service or therapy dogs. Only two were ordered by the court to remain at Best Friends for life.  They have become known as the "Vicktory Dogs"

RAAW along with many others are working to help save these dogs. They should be given the same opportunity to flourish the Vicktory dogs had. You cannot allow OSPCA to simply discard them like a piece of bad meat. There are rescues both in the U.S. and in Canada willing to work with these dogs to foster, assess and rescue them so they can live out a full life.  We request you intervene and instruct the following:

OSPCA give a public accounting of all dogs seized in the raid including those which are pregnant;

OSPCA withdraw their plans to obtain approval from the courts to kill any of the remaining dogs;

OSPCA actively work in conjunction with an unbiased third party, chosen and approved by a committee of interested stakeholders, to perform individual behavioral assessment on each dog;

OSPCA actively work in conjunction with a committee of local ethical and recognized rescues to find rescuers experienced in rehabilitation and who will foster and rehome out of province if necessary;

OSPCA actively protect the lives of these dogs while such assessments and inquiries are being carried out and confirm that no dog will be killed in the interim while final arrangements are being made.

OSPCA can not be permitted to continually seize and kill animals with impunity

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