Save The Carrwood Fairy Trail in Bramhall

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We are asking you to please sign our petition to show your support in rebuilding and keep the fairy trail going, following an email from Stockport Council telling us to remove and destroy all remnants of it as "there is discontent among site users" and "the risks causing people to gather".

This is being enjoyed by everyone (old and young), encouraging people to go out and exercise, improving mental health and well-being and when most things have been taken away from us during lockdown, this is one free activity for everyone in the community to enjoy.

In September, 2020 during the pandemic, a trail consisting of tiny wooden fairy doors, signs and wind chimes was set up amongst the trees along the path of Carrwood on Robins Lane, Bramhall. 

This was never meant to be a "proper" visitor attraction with acres of brightly coloured plastic, but a simple woodland trail using natural materials and in keeping with the environment.

Jo Hoddes originally put a couple of miniature wooden doors against a tree that appealled to children, to be a door to a magical fairy house. This was then added to by members of the community, some in memory of loved ones who are no longer with us. One was placed there and photographed so that an elderly lady that loves fairies could see she had a special door as she is currently shielding. Some of the items placed were by community groups including The Friends of Carrwood (a voluntary group of people who maintain the upkeep of the woods on a weekly basis, tidy litter, sweep leaves, plant bulbs and generally make it a safe place) and the local Brownies. 

Although this has been enjoyed by the majority of the community, there have been a handful of disgruntled local residents who have vandalised the trail itself and vehicles parked nearby, threatened volunteers and have now contacted the council to ask for immediate removal of all items, hence the appeal for all to sign this petition.