#OverTheChair Salon/Spa Support

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 We in the Salon industry are being vastly overlooked by our Canadian Government During the Covid-19 Pandemic. Funding that was promised is as of yet not available. 

 We have been deemed non-essential. Forced to shut down. Yet our rents/leases and overhead are due. We employ a massive part of the population, or work there within.

A vast majority of salon owners offer chair rentals, which excludes us from meeting the criteria once those funds are available. Therefore it also excludes the stylists who pay rent.

 The funding options presented to us are not enough. A loan is not help! We are losing 100% of our income. Once returning to open our doors, (if that's even possible financially) we would have a loan repayment added on top of mounted bills. Many will face foreclosure and bankruptcy.

 We ask that the government take another look at options to keep this industry above water and #OverTheChair. We urge our politicians to hear our voice.

 Mandatory Closures Should Receive Financial Aid.