Save the CalArts Character Animation Department!

Save the CalArts Character Animation Department!

116 have signed. Let’s get to 200!

Why this petition matters

The CalArts Character Animation Department was flooded and is now being rebuilt, but it seems like the administration has yet to address all the needs of the students.

Our asks:

1. REAL Involvement by the Students and Faculty in the Planning Process.

The students and faculty need to be deeply involved with the planning process on a regular basis since they best know the needs of the students. 

2. Dedicated Cubicle Space for Each Student.

Students need to have a space of their own to recharge and peacefully work in. The current situation has little to no privacy and reduced the amount of assigned cubicle spaces to nearly half.

3. Free Expression Needs to be Permitted.

Students used to be able to draw on the walls and make the space their own. This is necessary for students to be able to feel comfortable in their space and let it be an open exchange of art and ideas.

4. Cintiqs for All Students.

Why in a school that's making over 8 million dollars a year from their Character Animation students, not afford to buy or rent Cintiqs to all of the students? It would take a single students yearly tuition to accomplish this.

We acknowledge there are good improvements such as listening to some requests for more sunlight and accessibility options. We appreciate that, but CalArts is an extremely expensive school and the students deserve to get more for their money and not have their experience made WORSE by these changes.

Thank you for supporting the CalArts Character Animation Students!

116 have signed. Let’s get to 200!