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Save the Birds!

Wind power is the one of the fastest growing forms of Alternative Energy, heavily subsidized at both the state and federal level. But the hidden worldwide cost of this subsidized power is dead raptors and birds, killed by thousands of massive wind turbine blades - including protected species of eagles, hawks and owls. Federal government estimates indicate that 22,000 wind turbines in operation in 2009 were killing 440,000 birds per year.

California supports roughly 2,500 golden eagles. The state’s largest wind farms kill, on average, more than 80 eagles per year. California is set to triple wind capacity in the coming years. At this rate the magnificent Golden Eagle will be extinct in a few years.

There is no state or federal prohibition regarding bird deaths or requirement to engage in research to find a solutions – there ARE solutions available that can minimize bird deaths.

American Bird Conservancy (ABC) Vice-President Mike Parr said, “Bird deaths from wind power are the new inconvenient truth. The total number of birds killed and the amount of bird habitat lost will dramatically increase as wind power build-out continues across the country in a rush to meet federal renewable energy targets.”

Birds at risk include Golden Eagles, Whooping Cranes, Brown Pelicans, Northern Gannets, sea ducks, loons, terns, sage-grouse, prairie-chickens, and many migratory songbirds.

Imagine waking up one morning and hearing and seeing no birds. Now imagine explaining that to your child.

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