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Federal law for limits and suggestions on fertilizer, pesticide, and insecticide used.

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We strive to improve our conservation of nature in balance with humanity. Yet one big factor of restoring and sustaining healthy ecosystems is the pollinators. This includes things like bees, which are not only used for their pollination, they're also used to make sweet honey! Although pollinators like the honey bee are on a surprising decline in population and one big factor is fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides. They can kill or injure many pollinators Sure, there are some state laws in many states for limits on these things, but some of the limits are too high and just because it's the limit doesn't mean it's completely okay for the environment. These state limits should become federal laws and it should also become law to put these limits and also recommendations for how much to use on certain plants on the packaging of these types of products. It's not just the pollinators being affected, fertilizer can also cause run-off of extra nutrients causing algae blooms and damaging aquatic ecosystems. Even though natural versions of these are better, it doesn't make them completely safe for the environment. The packaging for these products should have links to websites that can tell gardeners about how much to use for certain plants if the plant is not listed on the packaging. The limit may vary if you are using it on farmland. The limit should be per acre. More details will follow after pending research studies to determine limits.

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