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Save The Bear River

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Nevada Irrigation District’s proposed "Centennial Dam" will...

-Cost over $300 Million and take 5 years to construct and (presumably) fill

-Flood the Bear River Canyon from Meadow Vista to Hwy 174, including  120+ family homes, land parcels, and local farms

-Eliminate the Bear River Campgrounds, Dog Bar Bridge and Taylor Crossing, forcing Nevada County traffic to re-route through Meadow Vista, Chicago Park, and Colfax

-Destroy thousands of acres of ancient oak woodland, grasslands, endangered plant species, fish & wildlife habitat, historic Gold Rush mining sites, Native American trails and beloved recreational parks

-Threaten water supply to downstream users and farmers who depend on Camp Far West reservoir  

-Burden taxpayers & ratepayers with $300 million unnecessary and avoidable debt

-Damage the health of the Sacramento River Delta, Feather River, historic and protected Wolf Creek, and forever disrupt a vital part of the Northern California Confluence - leaving acres of dry riverbed beyond, and millions of wild animals without a water source.

This is NOT a solution for California's drought or water conservancy. Building a dam is a controversial, costly and antiquated plan for the future. The adverse impacts on these shrinking natural habitats greatly outweigh the benefits of creating yet another reservoir, especially between Rollins Reservoir, Combie Lake, and Camp Far West Reservoir.

This proposal would be in direct violation of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 ( 

***We have yet to see an Environmental Impact Report regarding the "Centennial Dam." No report has been drafted as of July 2016, according to the California Environmental Protection Agency.***

That hasn't stopped NID Board Members from purchasing unsold properties in the surrounding areas and overpowering local homeowners with the threat of "eminent domain". 

This dam is not for conserving water - this is for NID's profit and control of natural watershed. Currently, the Bear River canyon is free to enjoy. NID plans to charge the public to enter lakeside campgrounds once they have established their surrounding private community. (NID Board Meeting 10/4/16)

We need your help to Save The Bear River, our forests, our wildlife, our homes, and our livelihoods!

Natural rivers do not belong to private companies. Help Us Modify NID's "Water Rights" to Nevada County!

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