Petition update

Board of Ed meeting TODAY (2.15.2012) -- 1:00pm

Chris Stelzig
Annapolis, MD

Feb 15, 2012 — I sent an email to all petitioners yesterday asking if you could come to the BOE meeting today to show support for our anti-garage petition. The servers take a LONG time to send though, and I am still not sure that they sent! SO .....

If you CAN come today to support our petition, please do so. The BOE will reconvene at 1:00pm today in the Parham Building on Riva Road. We're the first item on the agenda, so you can show your support and then get back to work. A former AES PTA president will speak on behalf of the PTA and all who support the petition are asked to stand in support.

If possible, please wear green to show support for the Green Street community.


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