Petition update

Long blog post from the Mayor regarding the garage

Chris Stelzig
Annapolis, MD

Jan 17, 2012 — Yesterday the Mayor blogged about the history of how the city got to this point regarding the potential development of a downtown garage. I don't want to put words in his mouth, but I'd say after reading it that he seems to be strongly in favor of the garage (though not necessarily this proposal) and he says that he is a strong advocate for a downtown playground, though not necessarily THIS playground.

I think that we have a commitment from him at this point to ensure that AES has a playground when all is said and done. At this point I think that our happy family of 1,300+ petitioners will likely split into various camps. The issues seem to be:

1) Should there be a new garage on this plot of land. The Mayor and The Capital seem to say yes.

2) Ensuring that the children of AES have a playground. This seems to be a solved issue now.

3) What do we do about THIS existing playground? This is still very much in the air and is incompatible with a parking garage of any size/capacity.


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