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No response from Mayor yet

Chris Stelzig
Annapolis, MD

Jan 13, 2012 — Thanks to all who have supported this so far. As some of you may know I am the President of the Annapolis Elementary School PTA and so this issue strikes me as ludicrous on several levels.

110 signatures in less than 24 hours is pretty telling that trashing our only city playground to build a parking garage is a bad idea. I have several calls in to the Mayor's office requesting a fifteen minute meeting but thusfar have not even received a call back. I'll keep trying. If you want to try and set up your own meeting, the mayor's phone number is 410-263-7997.

Please be sure to ask your local Annapolitans to sign this petition too. The next step is to present our petitioners list to the School Board at a budget meeting on the 18th of January. I'd like to have over 1,000 signatures by then.



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