Letter to
The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500 President of the United States Barack Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama
ALL REPRESENTATIVES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Represenatives and Senators of United States
President Obama:

We submit this letter on behalf of the California Redwoods, the ancient old growth redwoods, and Richardson Grove State Park. Years of logging and disregard for these trees have resulted in catastrophic results, to them and the people whom these forests and the lands share life and we call home where we reside as Americans. There are two percent remaining, we are not asking to protect something that can not be duplicated or fabricated, this being takes 3000 years to be as it is today what we are asking that a living species that has taken thousands of years to become the magnificent, and the greatest of Earth's living forms, and as well have lived for more than 50 centuries , these ancient trees have been watching over his great nation as it formed, standing with us as our as a part of our legacy, what we are and witness to who we are. REMAIN !! It is our duty as an American to represent to the world that we are, show them we are not a people that would actually eliminate the only and the oldest existence of nature upon this planet, but a people who stands together and protect this gift given to us and for our children, theirs for generations to come as well as other countries we share this world with. Allow them to see with there eyes, and all that may look upon us in this world , that we are a people that protect our heritage and not that of one who abuses and destroys it, and for those in other countries who look at us see can know and we have done this deed for us all. SAVE the world's last remaining, and oldest beings on earth. Two percent Mr. President ,that is all that remains between them and the extinction. These Ancient trees which some were seedling in the times Moses, walked this earth. Please allow something to remain that we can see with our eyes and share with the world, and that we don't have to read about in scriptures, and bare witness to the those times, let all know that when we asked of our President to save living a species upon this earth as was asked of one man before ever in existence, he heard our voice, and in the present be the one man the one man now we can know and as will the future generations whom will hear of your greatness do such a great thing for his people, his world and for his own family. We don't want to be just another letter tossed to the side, but one which is heard, and concerns were addressed before its to late. Only you have this power to help us, it seems no matter how hard we try to and how loud we put our words out for others to hear our cry to save these beings no one can seem to hear. How many signatures, will it take to be heared, and know that we will be heard we do not know this it actually all depends if someone will even give us opportunity that we ask of you now. We have been ignored, and I do know that exstincition of Ancients are before us. We know they are soon to perish off this earth, they are not just another tree, but 3000 years of history a witness to life, and there will be none remaining in existence, this very living being that has witnessed the becoming of man , this country and all that shares life upon this earth. We hear you say you are a man who hears the American people, and will bring us back to a life and we deserve better, we have beleived in you and worked with you, and heard your voice in your race in our time this country was in need of saving and assisted you in obtaining your goal. You have brought us together and to beleive in preserving that which we heard and thought never to again be part in our lives. And that is what we are asking save these ancients that as well are what america is and has been part of the American dream to see them as they are a wonder to this world and country.
Please, if the words you speak are true work with us to make these trees protected hear our voice as we have yours and stand with you as an America United. Let us, know we are still on the road for better things and our voices are heard. These ancients bear witness and are the existence of who we are ,proud, great, and an existence that shall live on when the our remaining days end and our children and theres to be, the very same children who will be here with these ancients and watch over them, The people will hear and tell of a people and of there President of the country they resided came to protect the ancients from extinction within a time frame no other could ever do.just by being granted there right to be saved and live. Stop now as they do when we look upon them with reverent eye, and allow us sense life’s proper goal: as they. To be straight, true, fine, to make our world free of terror and theirs of bio-terror, stand together and protect our people, hear our calls, stand with us as they have stood protecting our coastline as one. They are who we are Mr. President, allow us to be a witness to the same as we claim and claim with us as well to be United. and live as protected beings they deserve the same it is here they reside in our country. Let us not be a people of and leave behind for it to be known that of a destructive soul that did not have the strength to even save the oldest living witness, to the world at all, as a witness to these trees there impact of what, and who they are , bring one who stands before them knowledge and beleif that there is a God and he and his existence stands before us that he was here and his existence and proof of those times are these Ancient Redwood Trees, these are a gift given to the people they are there to remind them of the old ways, so we ask please help us hear us we are the voice of the ancient forest, it is time to face what all living beings fear, Extinction, clearly the word meaning the elimination of Life. Be that Leader who will make the decision that life is important for all living things and extinction is not an option and protection is something you believe that in need of will have. Say yes Mr. President , help us show the world unite with the people as the one for which we stand, Like the Ancient Redwood has stood through time..............leave the 2 percent, left out of the 100 percent that once existed, is not 98 percent enough to give of one species...we are americans and these are our forests, our ancients, and our redwood trees, let us keep what is remaining as such.. it is WE the people not 98 percent who only see themselves and no others with rights....