Save the Alexandra Canal Cycleway


Save the Alexandra Canal Cycleway

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What is the Alexandra Canal cycleway?

The Alexandra Canal cycleway is a calm, safe and protected shared path cycleway that connects Tempe and the southern suburbs, to Sydney's CBD and eastern suburbs.  It is a much-loved facility, frequently used by many local Sydney Airport staff and commuters to get to work every day, as well as recreational users of all ages.

What is happening to the Alexandra Canal cycleway?


The State Government (RMS) Sydney Gateway motorway project was designed to connect the Airport terminals to the Sydney Ports, and will require the space to the north of Sydney Airport.

Due to Sydney Airport airspace height restrictions, the project plans to remove the existing shared cycling and walking connection along the Alexandra Canal adjacent to Airport Drive.

Amongst the many known benefits of active travel, decreasing congestion is important, as the City of Sydney writes in 'Growing Sydney’s congestion-busting bike network'.  A protected, separated cycling network is important to reduce and minimise disruption to motor traffic, improve safety for all and free up space for truck freight movements.

There is some provision for the replacement and installation of equivalent cycling and walking infrastructure as part of these road projects.  However, from history, we know when projects run over budget, walking and cycling facilities are often the first to be removed from the plans.

It is also important that safe access is provided for the community during the construction period.

What do we want?

The surrounding cycling and walking advocacy groups have joined together and agreed on 3 important asks for people cycling in the community:

  1. A cycling and walking route along Alexandra Canal from Tempe Reserve to Coward St (equivalent to the existing facility, if not improved) during and after construction.
  2. A cycling and walking route linking the Alexandra Canal pathway with the Sydney Airport Domestic Terminal and Bayside Council’s proposed Eastern cycling network (Wentworth Ave, Mill Pond greenway, Foreshore Drive).
  3. A bicycle route linking the Alexandra Canal pathway to Sydenham Station and to Sydney Park.

Who is responsible?

Asks 1-3: We call upon our state representatives to urge the State Government (RMS) to support and provide these important, vital active travel connections for our community.

Ask 2: We call upon our federal representatives to urge the Federal Government to assist Sydney Airport Corporation Limited - SACL in negotiating and providing the land to assist the State Government in achieving these connections.

What action is required?

In addition to signing and sharing this petition, we urge all supporters to write letters to their state and federal representatives (and upcoming election candidates), outlining these 3 asks, and expressing what this cycling and walking facility means to you.

Who is behind this campaign?


This petition made change with 3,327 supporters!

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