Keep 520 Renovation Moving, Consider Phasing, Reconsider Barges in Portage Bay

Keep 520 Renovation Moving, Consider Phasing, Reconsider Barges in Portage Bay

December 11, 2022
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Started by Carl Stixrood

Governor Inslee, and Washington State legislators -

Please consider phasing and compare the costs and benefits of alternative construction techniques - using barges vs. work bridges in Portage Bay.

Bids for Portage Bay Bridge may have come in higher than current funds available. Splitting the project into phases and using the existing bridge for a few more years may facilitate proceeding under the current budget and schedule. Phasing may allow cost savings by incorporating barge based construction.

Phasing adjustments can match available funds.

One response to the current bidding environment could be to split the Portage Bay Bridge project into two phases. Portage Bay Bridge North and Portage Bay Bridge South (similar to WABN/WABS) Most benefits might then be achieved within the current budget.

Of all current project elements, replacement of the south span may have the least favorable ratio of benefits to costs. The span currently provides traffic movement benefit, replacing it will have little benefit on vehicular traffic movement capacity. The main benefits from replacement may be improved earthquake and water quality performance and cross lake trail connection. These benefits may be achieved at lower cost through short term retrofit. South bridge replacement is also the project element that may create the highest impacts to the neighborhood due to work bridge construction and demolition of the existing span.

Portage Bay Bridge North Phase

  • Continue/complete the I-5/HOV project and Roanoke lid
  • Build north bridge with equal spans from barges
  • Improve/connect multipurpose cross lake trail using Delmar Drive or north bridge

Portage Bay Bridge South Phase

  • Retrofit the south (existing) bridge to carry three eastbound lanes with shoulders and for improved earthquake and water quality performance
  • Replace the south bridge when funds are available

The above suggestions are intended to keep the project going on its current schedule and allow reconsideration of use of barges.

A shorter construction period, substantial cost savings, reduced contribution to global warming, money for other projects. Governor Inslee, at least allow contractors to evaluate marine based construction.

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Signatures: 661Next Goal: 1,000
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