Save Sycamore Park

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Sycamore Park Residents! Did you know this restroom was just approved?

Neither did we!

  • This large public restroom will make our favorite field unusable for picnics and sports
  • Our City Council approved it with no public notice or input
  • It is next to the playground where all the adults hang out and will stink
  • It will significantly increase use by out-of-towners, impacting traffic and parking
  • It costs $250,000 (?!) to install, not including maintenance. Money not well spent!

Please sign this petition to ask the Mill Valley City Council to reconsider their resolution to build a public restroom in Sycamore Park. 

Fired up as we are? Email to help in ways big and small.


Who are we? Just a few concerned families who love this park:

Michael and Naomi Broom
Yvonne Belton and Barbara Durden
Randy Greenblat
Matt and Ali Dunn
Rebecca and Ben Matthews
Jessica Kaplan & David Seidel
Tommy Toy and Emily Toy
Elizabeth Fullerton
Hugh Fullerton
Ravi and Joseph Lescher
Kristen and Adnan Chaudhry
Don and Skye Pillsbury
Terry and Michael White
Susann and Gerard Gutschmidt

Please only sign if you are a resident of Mill Valley.