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The Ontario Government/Ministry of Education announced an unfair decision which reflects injustice towards Licensed Daycares - Montessori and Private schools to stop charging parents starting April 9th 2020 using the power of the Emergency Law and breaching all the private sector annual contracts and enrollments which should and must have been protected by "Ontario Law" as a private sector.This decision was taken discriminatly towards "all Licensed Preschools" with exceptions of any other educational institutions "Universities, Colleges, Private High-schools..etc" which was unfair and taken lightly. Before taking this unfair discriminating decision, where was the solution and support that the government had to provide to sustain those small educational businesses other than getting in big debts. On the other hand why the government did not use the power of emergency law to stop all these Childcare property lease, insurance, utilities and other fixed costs as all those services are not being used. But by law as a private sector we are still obligated to pay all our duties and bills dispite COVID-19 which will cause us to bankrupt very soon. Please respect our contracts and obligations without destroying our businesses. We hope this petition will stop this injustice and start protecting the private sector contracts as we are essentials to most families going back to work when COVID-19 is over.