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Save Sunderland’s Lollipop Men and Women! Act quickly!

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Did you know that Sunderland Council are proposing to severly cut funding for Sunderland Lollipop men & women. Very few people seem to know about it and everyone who does is appalled at the plan. (As reported by BBC Look North, Chronicle, Sunderland Echo, ITV News, SR News, Made in Tyne and Wear etc).

Council papers from 2.3.16. say: "THE PROPOSAL IS TO REDUCE THE SERVICE". Read them here on pages 36-41: here. If plans go ahead to “rationalise the School Crossing Patrol service” all Council funding for lollipop men and women would be withdrawn. The most dangerous roads could retain crossing patrols only if they are staffed/funded by volunteers, schools or sponsored by businesses!

This will be putting children’s lives at risk in Sunderland!

Council papers admit the proposals would affect:
".......the most vulnerable group, child pedestrians, will be most affected by the reduced service provision.....The Council plans to "Continue Despite Negative Implications (√)" 

If Sunderland Council's proposal goes ahead it would cut Lollipop funding. The safety of the children of Sunderland deserves to be taken seriously. We must ensure that Lollipop men & women continue to be a familiar feature of school life. Our children and grandchildren deserve to be safe.  It’s only a matter of time before a child is seriously injured or worse! There are already reports of increased accidents up and down the country where Council’s have already scrapped lollipop funding.

Sunderland Lollipop men and women protect our school crossings and prevent countless accidents every day. They are the visible face of a public service, held in deep affection by the communities they serve. It really would be appalling to abolish such a sensible and long established system, and one that is such good value. We’ve all seen the near misses prevented by the Lollipop men and women. In 2014, 1,409 children on foot were killed or seriously injured on Britain’s roads. 

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THIS PETITION IS NOT LINKED TO ANY POLITICAL PARTY – we are just concerned Sunderland parents who think cutting funding for Lollipop men and women will result in a child being seriously injured or worse. 
We are hoping other people in Sunderland agree.

Please can Sunderland Council look at making savings in places that don’t directly risk children’s lives. 

Concerned Parents

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Evening Chronicle - 4th Feb 2016 - "Could lollipop ladies be about to become a thing of the past in Sunderland?"

Sunderland Echo - 4th Feb 2016 - "Disbelief at Sunderland City Council bid to axe lollipop patrols to save cash"

SR NEWS - 4th Feb, 2016 - "Sunderland lollipop crossings face axe"

NE Lib Dems - 8th Feb, 2016 -
"Sunderland lollipop ladies face axe"

BBC TV Look North clip - 29th Feb, 2016 - "Safety fears over Sunderland lollipop patrols review"

TV Channel 'Made in Tyne and Wear' clip - 26th Feb, 2016 "Sunderland Council propose to scrap lollipop funding"

Lollipop patrols are being scrapped by Councils nationwide:
Primary Times - Nov 2015 -
"Saving our lollipop men and women from the danger of council cuts"


Link to Proposals for Scrapping of Council Funding for Lollipop Patrols - From Council Cabinet Meeting 13.1.16.
SEE PAGES 41-46 - "Revenue Budget and Proposed Council Tax for 2016/2017 and Medium Term Financial Strategy 2016/2017 to 2018/2019"

Sunderland Council’s ‘Revenue Budget and Proposed Council Tax for 2016/2017’ document contains several “Proposals for Reductions 2016/2017” these include removing Council funding for school crossing patrols.

Section 3.19 of the document contains the plan for “Service redesign of the school crossing patrol operation”. It goes on to state:

"The school crossing patrol service is non-statutory and the proposal is to reduce the service leading to a reduction in part-time school crossing patrol staff (SCP). This can be achieved by removing SCP provision at: 
· Controlled crossing (Amber) sites (zebra / signals) where there are already alternative safe crossing facilities available.
· Sites of lesser importance, (Green),  i.e. located on more minor highway routes with relatively lower existing traffic movements and, where the use of alternative traffic management measures and improved crossing facilities could be provided. 
In addition to the above there are a number of high importance (Red) sites which are located on major highway routes or at priority locations. Provision would be unchanged but the service would work with schools and their surrounding communities to take up responsibility for this including businesses sponsoring school crossings. All of the above existing sites would require an updated risk assessment to be carried out prior to any decision being made". 

Cabinet Members approved the plan even though they said:

"All populations are affected by the proposal although the most vulnerable group, child pedestrians, will be most affected by the reduced service provision".

"Impact more likely to be greater on our younger population as the most vulnerable road users as these are our priority target group"

"The Council plans to "Continue Despite Negative Implications (√)" 

The document was approved by Sunderland’s Cabinet on 13th January and Councillors passed the proposals on 2nd March 2016. 

Cabinet members “RESOLVED that the provisional budget proposals be approved, as a basis for the continuation of budget consultation, prior to the receipt of the final Local Government Finance Settlement 2016/2017.”


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