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The government of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, has announced that it will shoot to death 10,000 local stray dogs.

The government states that budget constraints are focing its hand and asks that the decision not be viewed as "barbaric." However, it also admits that last year over 5,000 dogs were shot to death because building shelters was deemed too expensive. The projected price of housing all the dogs? Only $300,000.

Surely the Bishkek government can attempt to fundraise before destroying helpless animals or can, alternatively, find other ways to address the overpopulation. Ask officials at the US Embassy in Bishkek to encourage their colleagues to find humane alternatives to shooting these animal victims. 

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Letter to
Embassy of the United States: Bishkek
I was greatly distressed to read on that the Bishkek government plans to shoot 10,000 stray dogs because of budget constraints. I find this proposed action deplorable.

I am writing to ask that you meet with the Bishkek officials and encourage them to find humane ways of handling the stray overpopulation. There are no doubt worldwide animal organizations that would help with fundraising for new kennels, and the Bishkek government should attempt all such possible avenues before deciding to exterminate helpless animals. If it is then determined that some animals must be put down, then there must surely exist a more humane alternative to shooting.

I implore you to meet with Bishkek officials quickly, before they can go through with their despicable plan.

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