Save St. John's Court Community Mental Health Team Base in Exmouth, Devon campaign supported by Ruby Wax

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St. John's Court Community Mental Health Team Base for Exmouth, Devon is due to be closed by Christmas 2015.  

As a part of local NHS cost cutting to save £6 million a year for 3 years, they are selling off their buildings and propose to sell off St. John's Court, meaning Mental Health Nurses will have to hot desk at Exeter or Honiton and patients not seen at home would have to travel to Exeter for their support sessions with their Mental Health Nurse.

Since most people who are mentally ill take medication and cannot drive they must travel an hour on a bus to get to Exeter. As an alternative, as part of SMART Recovery, the local NHS plan to issue some mentally ill people in crisis with an electronic tablet to video conference their Mental Health Nurse in order to save money on travelling time for nurses.

Saving St.John's Court will mean a vital base for Mental Health Nurses in Exmouth is retained as it is desperately needed. It should be added that there continues to be a long waiting list to be seen at St. John's Court, which further emphasizes that it is imperative to save this life saving facility. Thank you for caring and signing our petition. Please spread the word.