Save St James Church Brighton, Melbourne, Australia

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Please support the full restoration of St James Church Brighton, Melbourne, Australia that was burnt in a fire. So many people were married, baptized and celebrated so many masses in this divine, beautiful and sacred Church.

We request your petitions to replace the current Parish Priest with a new Parish Priest so the church is re-built as a sacred place of worship and not a multi-purpose facility for bingo (gambling) and other functions, parties (drinking alcohol). The church is insured for $22 Million but the parish priest wants to convert the church to a multi-purpose function hall, which is in complete violation of canon law 1214.

The 124 year old church is one of the most significant churches in Australia, protected by the Heritage Australia and the National Trust. The $22 Million, is a sum that can enable a complete rebuild to take place, as initially stated by the Vatican and publicised in the press. The Archbishop promised that our church would be fully restored as a sacred space to continue to service the needs of Brighton’s Catholics as per canon law 1214.

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