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Save St.Charles Catholic Elementary School,Keep it open.

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St.Charlie's Catholic Elementary school is one of a kind.  The only ELKP-Grade 3 schools in our region. It has amazing staff. Every child and parent is family at St.Charles.  The principal goes above and beyond. She welcomes every student and parent each and every day. With that being said losing that school and that staff will be heart breaking for parents and students. Having a school only for ELKP-Grade 3 keeps the classrooms smaller so that the children can grow and get more one on one time with their teacher's. Having one on one time with a teacher in a small classroom will boost the child's education and growth within the classroom. Having more confidence,  pride, happiness, etc. Being able to learn in smaller classroom sizes helps children long term and being able to focus more and gain quicker access to a teacher for help. We must keep St.Charles open and keep it an ELKP-Grade 3 school. The teachers have bonded with all students in every grade. Keep the children in their school community. They are the St.Charles Penguins, where they feel safe, secure and trusting of every staff member in that building (St.Charles community member).

The school board has a plan to want the renovations of Monsignor Clancy Catholic Elementary school to be done for the September 2020 school year. The school board has to accommodate for many more classrooms to fit the younger pupils. Having that much construction going on to quickly to build classrooms while children attend during the 2018/2019 school is concerning for many parents. 

With that being said, the community has to come together and whom ever believes that the Niagara Catholic District School Board should not demolish St.Charles and put all students at Monsignor Clancy Catholic Elementary School should sign this.

This old saying is true "Don't fix whats not broken". St.Charles is a thriving little school community for our young children. Please do not take away the trust they have given to the staff away from them. Within those walls they feel safe. 

A safe solution for all parties is to keep St.Charles Catholic Elementary School an ELKP-Grade 3 school and keep Monsignor Clancy Catholic Elementary school grade 4-8. 

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