Save Sri Lanka from the Rajapaksa Government

Save Sri Lanka from the Rajapaksa Government

2 April 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Eroma Daniel

The current government of Sri Lanka headed by President Gotabaya Rajapakse has plunged our country into a humanitarian crisis in peace times. The citizens of Sri Lanka are struggling to survive without basic necessities and in our desperation we are reaching out to you for assistance.

We are the common man, the citizens of Sri Lanka. We are not politicians. We want simple things like having access to food, medicine, education, electricity, fuel, earn a living. Our children are crying in hunger without milk, some families are going without even one meal a day, parents are starving so that they can feed their children a mouthful of food, people are unable to work due to power cuts and fuel shortages, no gas to cook food, cost of food and fuel has sky rocketed to beyond affordability to most, power cuts lasting over 12 hours a day, surgeries halted, education hampered,  the list is endless. And yet, we are not able to protest as is our right! Our right to freedom of speech and protest has been curbed; protestors arrested and tortured; curfew and State of Emergency declared. Even social media blocked at times to prevent local news spreading out of the country.

Our corrupt politicians have looted and squandered our country’s finances. They have lined their pocket with total disregard to the plight of the people they have been elected to serve. They live in luxury while the citizens and Sri Lanka as a country have sunk to depths of despair; to a point of no return. That’s how it feels like at the moment to the citizens of Sri Lanka. We have lost all hope. We have no hope. And we certainly don’t have any faith in our corrupt politicians - in power and not in power. We are in a terrible predicament and have no option, but to plead for help and rescuing from the international community.

Sri Lanka is a member of the Commonwealth and the United Nations. We the citizens of Sri Lanka implore you to communicate with the government of Sri Lanka and bring and end to our suffering. 

We demand that this government be dissolved immediately and an interim government put in place to run our country. We would love to say that we have feasible politicians to take over our country. Sadly after enduring decades of corrupt politicians who were too busy lining their own pockets and accumulating wealth for themselves and their family and friends, meant that they did not invest in their citizens or their country.

We want to change all this. Finally we have united as a nation by not allowing politicians to cause divide among us anymore. One race. One religion. One country. We have come to realise that we have the power to change the destiny of our nation. We have the confidence and strength to do this now and we want the international community to support the citizens of Sri Lanka and help us achieve this. 

We want politicians who represent us with diversity. We want our politicians to serve us and not the other way round. We want the Democracy Abraham Lincoln spoke of …… “government of the people, by the people, for the people.”

We want to be proud of our land and instil pride and patriotism in our children. We want to sow the seed for the next generation who will one day proudly run our country. Every child in Sri Lanka should be able to dream of entering the Parliament of Sri Lanka and leading our great nation. Every child from the villages to the city, girl or boy, irrelevant of race or religion should be able to dream that dream and achieve it. Then only will we be able to have leaders who laugh with us and cry with us. Passionate and patriotic leaders. 
We are standing up and fighting for our todays and for our future generations. A generation whose education has been immensely hampered and harmed by this government. Whose public exams even have been postponed due to the shortage of paper.

We do not want this government ruining our country and lining their pockets any further. We demand that they be held accountable for their corruption; their illicit assets in Sri Lanka and world wide immediately frozen and confiscated. We demand that these plundered assets be utilised for the development of our beloved country. 

We plead with you to stand with the citizens of Sri Lanka and and help navigate Sri Lanka out of this crisis we are facing. 

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Signatures: 925Next Goal: 1,000
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