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Save Social Security by removing the tax ceiling on payroll deductions at income over $106,800.


Social Security has been a great success for over 75 years. It is vital to the working class that this program remains solvent. Social Security reduced poverty among the elderly from over 50% to around 10% within a few years of becoming a law. 

Currently, the payroll deduction is on income up to $106,800. This means that someone making more than this amount contributes a smaller portion of their paycheck towards Social Security. Social Security can remain solvent well into the future, simply by making sure everyone contributes the same percentage of payroll tax.  

Most of the solutions proposed to save Social Security are not solutions - they are reduction in benefits,  increasing retirement age, and trusting our tax payer dollars to Wall Street crooks. The only solution to keep Social Security solvent, is to make sure everyone makes the same percentage contribution.

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