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Save Snappy Petition

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Started by River Rockers

Under new ownership, the Beloit Snappers organization is in the process of changing their team name and mascot, a rebranding that may fundamentally transform the identity of the team. We believe that this dramatic measure may cause significant harm to this beloved Beloit brand if executed improperly.

The organization’s rationale for changing the team name and mascot is that a brand refresh will lead to increased merchandise and ticket sales, which are important revenue streams for a successful minor league franchise. While we certainly understand the importance of these vital revenue streams, we feel that the team’s five alternate name proposals (Cheeseballs, Moo, Polka Pike, Sky Carp and Supper Clubbers) will not result in overwhelmingly positive business outcomes for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • The vast majority of the community and fans strongly dislike the five proposed names, based on social media feedback.
  • The five proposed names do not have a strong local connection. Further, they promote tired Wisconsin stereotypes.
  • Fans universally adore the team’s mascot, Snappy the Turtle. Although the team has signaled that Snappy will remain present in a limited capacity, largely abandoning this beloved mascot does not make strong business sense.
  • The Snappers’ current stadium, Pohlman Field, is outdated and has lead to poor fan experiences for many years. Ultimately, we believe this is a major contributing factor to the lagging merchandise and ticket sales that the team suffers from. As the team moves into the new, beautiful ABC Supply Stadium in 2021, we believe that lagging merchandise and ticket sales will no longer be an issue.

While it is our sincere hope that the team will retain the Beloit Snappers team name, we understand that may not be possible. Despite public outcry, the organization is adamant that change is necessary. However, we do strongly ask that if the team is to adopt a new team name that they choose one that better represents the community and retains Snappy the mascot.

Please sign this petition to let the Beloit Snappers' management know that the community & fans want to retain the Snappers name and/or keep the Snappy mascot.

3,718 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!