Save Single Screen Cinema

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I want to pay attention to all that, now these days, a large number of Single Screen Cinemas are getting shut off day by day. These are the places in every districts which covers or entertains a large number of people of the place. But, due to piracy of movies, and increasing usages of multimedia mobiles and internet, the future of theater or cinema is getting spoiled, People are getting away day by day. It seems in future single screen cinema would be a history or in history books only.

By this petition, I want to take a chance to save this industry. Because many people are surviving their livelihood and their families through this segment only. And I see every time, No one is paying attention on it and might be the industry would be lost and with this people working in this industry would be Un-employed.

This is an effort to save running industries of Single Screen Cinemas along with starting or finding new way to improve it.