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Save sharks :say no to the Reunion Island's licence to kill

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Because the shark attacks have increased since 2011 on the Reunion Island, the authorities order to catch and kill tiger sharks (10) and bull sharks(10). Professional shark fishermen are commissioned to catch about 20 bull and tiger sharks and to date, 10 sharks have been killed. 9 Tiger sharks (Galeocerdo cuvier) caught and killed and 1 Bull shark(Carcharhinus leucas ) died. The exercise will try to establish if any of the sharks are carrying toxins that could lead to ciguatera, a foodborne illness. Since 2009, this trade is banned (ordinance December 2009)
Several actions have been taken to counter it, without success. However, a major player hasn’t been sought : the President of the Council of the College of Veterinarians.
Thank you for sending the following letter to the President of the Council of the College of Veterinarians

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*Link : ordinance about shark catches: http://bit.ly/Tg4HBL
*Link : ordinance about ban sharks trade :http://bit.ly/XkCB88
*Link : To resume, sharks killed to date: http://on.fb.me/VEAk6I
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Letter translation :
« Mr. President of the Council of the College of Veterinarians
Following the human tragedies caused by episodes of shark « attacks » on the island of Reunion, the authorities have ordered the capture of sharks for scientific hunting, more precisely Ciguatera risk assessment for subsequent consumption of the flesh of sharks (prefectural No. 1226 of August 13, 2012).
I'm very surprised about the deep silence of your profession on this subject, then freedivers and Non-Governmental Organizations have alerted about irrational and disastrous effect of this Order on biodiversity. Conservation of wildlife and environmental wouldn't be inscribed in missions of the profession you represent? It was already highly regrettable that the medicine of marine wildlife isn't entrusted to veterinarians (management strandings under the Ministry of the Environment and not of the Ministry of Agriculture).
Should we expect the almost complete decimation (such as the porbeagle, Lamna nasus, 99.99%) of bull sharks (Carcharhinus leucas)and tigers sharks (Galeocerdo cuvier) to address the issue? Eradicate predators at the top of the oceanic food chain returns to further weaken the ecosystem and allow uncontrolled development of invasive totally uncontrollable.
Also, and you probably agree, etiological treatment is not it better to symptomatic treatment? Origin of Ciguatera is in colonization by microalgae toxicus dinoflagellates Gambierdiscus of dead corals. However, no action is taken on the Reunion Island to counter the massive destruction of coral reefs (see IRD data from ten years of monitoring the coral reef).
Besides the fact that only Shortfin Mako sharks,Isurus oxyrinchus, are consumed in this island ( even classified as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List http://bit.ly/W9Ms1y), this specie isn't involved in the study, it's surprising that sharks caught are fished in the same places that sharks attacks.
Hunting sharks endorsed by all decision makers and executives, including yours (achievement of autopsies), leads to the destruction of all shark species by some fishermen (see news December 3, 2012 http://wp.me/pRlSs-1ig)
I urge you to oppose against this "scientific" slaughter orchestrated by an Administration who follows the mob,surfers potentially reckless. It is the honor and credibility of the veterinary profession that are referred
In the meantime, please accept , Mr. President of the Council of the College of Veterinarians, the assurances of my respectful greetings. »

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