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Need Support and signatures to Petition to STOP ANY intent or action leading to the DEMOLITION of any of THE REMAINING HISTORIC SEA CAPTAINS HOMES ON "SEA CAPTAINS ROW", PLEASANT ST.  Hyannis, Ma50 years ago, Pleasant St. was one of the most beautiful historic streets in Hyannis. Now abandoned, and neglected, 2 years after the former owner passed away, 5 of the historic properties, now in family trusts, after repeated breaking and entering by the homeless, are Endangered. After an inspection recently, determined by the Hyannis Fire Chief, they pose an ever present fire hazard /danger to the neighborhood. During the past 35 years the properties were primarily used for residences and later as parking lots. This Hyannis Row of Historic Homes, transformed to parking lots, became, a “ door mat” for visitors, a drop off for  vehicles leaving for Historic Nantucket, the Steamship Authority and Ferry Service. Over the years, the founding Maritime history of Hyannis has been fenced in, trampled underfoot, neglected and almost forgotten. That is until reemerging more recently, with fences coming down and parking restricted.  First, referred to as” fish row”, it was later renowned for its prominence as “ Sea Captains Row” after the 1850's. Today, it is increasingly associated with a present day “skid row” in its present condition, by its associations with abandonment, vacant lots, and homelessness  . Without hesitation, many are quick to pass judgment. They are inclined to support outside investment for immediate improvement,  can justify a new usage, and/or development and sacrifice the original buildings.  After 2 years, being on the market, the family trust intends with a developer, to construct a housing development, utilizing the land for 55 townhouse units. A economic welcomed and inviting proposal. Housing relief using outside funding and assistance programs. It is a welcome mat to  investment for profit,  for needed housing,  encouraged by growth management, Main St. Development and the Town Management for the benefit of  increased tax revenue and local improvement  Preceding this there has been no attempt to spearhead any awakening, informing the public, forums or efforts towards preservation,  resulting to compromising the towns last and only original heritage site. Allowing any redevelopment  to  be superimposed over the original properties,  ignoring and underscoring, not recognizing, the underlying true historical site, will cause  irreplaceable loss of heritage  to the town and community, that stands out and rivals anywhere. This street and the properties are at the top of the list of the 7 MOST ENDANGERED MA. RESOURCES, Nov. 2016, by Preservation Ma. Today, April 2017, they are threatened to be condemned by abandonment and to be demolished. The homes on the street have been a Gateway to the past and to the Historic Harbor. They represent a “time capsule” and architectural and archeological footprint.   A story  forgotten, that until recently, has never fully surfaced within the community,  local press, nor received the recognition it deserves. Hyannis’ East End has suffered since the Hyannis Historical Society ended in 1974. This history has remained “under the mat.” A new Hyannis Historical Society has been formed within the last year. It is time to revisit, recover, highlight and preserve this threatened historic site. The most historically significant, founding history of Hyannis, Barnstable Ma., Cape Cod. This Gateway, spans the founding and first settlement in Hyannis, and business, in 1666, from a gift of land by the Native, Yanno. Hyannis derives its name from Yannis’ Harbor, at the bottom of the street. Pleasant St. includes the oldest house, and 11 of 14 properties of Sea Captains within 800 feet, one of whom, at one end, is the "Father" of Hyannis. This Gateway of Opportunity, Of Freedom of Religion, of Equality, of Peace, of Patriarchal and Patriotic Liberty is documented on Pleasant St. and spans across properties dating pre-Revolutionary, thru the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, of Captains and their original residences, who crossed 7 Seas, including women in the neighborhood, who joined them. Also remaining, in full view, are residences of Shipmasters, who served in the Civil War, to the Spanish American War, who were heroic. Details may be found at Please sign the Petition here,  online, ... "save Sea Captains  Row" to stop the demolition, to advocate for their protection and preservation… to act now to support a plan of action to prevent their endangerment to the neighborhood. This is not to prevent any proposed housing. Alternatively, it is to integrate, incorporate, preserve as much of the original buildings and maintain their architectural integrity in any proposed development. Please sign in support of this effort for the preservation of Sea Captains Row. Thankyou.  DominicAlessandra   email:

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