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Save SASIC; Remove Dr. Nelson

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Parents and community members,

SASIC District, under its current superintendent, Dr. Tonja D. Nelson, has been putting its student body in danger.

Currently, the San Antonio School for Inquiry and Creativity District has had numerous complaints brought forth from its own teachers, faculty/staff, students, and parents.

These complaints range from:

  •  Employee Harassment (intimidation tactics from the district level, teachers’ certifications have been threatened, hostile work environment, employees feeling targeted and bullied)
  • TEA infractions (transcripts being altered, falsifying teacher of record, falsifying attendance documents, schools operating under false pretenses)
  • Labor infractions (breech of employee contracts, salary and wages withheld, overtime hours not being honored, time-clock being altered, employees being docked pay unlawfully, lunch and break times not being given)
  • No Human Resources presence (audio recorded evidence of Human Resources lying to employees, aligned with Superintendent, and not working for employees)
  • Nepotism within the district office (school currently employs Superintendent family members and friends in positions of power)
  • Improper conduct between staff and students
  • Serious Food Health Code Violations (district is currently serving students spoiled and expired food, photo evidence is available).

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

 Our current Superintendent, Dr. Tonja D. Nelson, recently had her previous school shut down by the T.E.A. This school, The Academy of Careers and Technologies, lost its charter due to a failure to meet financial accountability standards and academic standards. This school has illegally re-opened as “Monticello High School.”

 Teachers, faculty, and staff have brought these concerns to their superiors, human resources department, and, most importantly to the district office and the School Board, only to be met with resistance in trying to bring these matters to light. Every protocol has been exhausted in trying to get these issues resolved in house but currently our Human Resources department, which operates under the Superintendent, is unable or unwilling to assist us. Many other teachers, faculty, and staff have been compelled to step forward but have not done so due to the fear of retaliation. They have been forced to keep quiet if they want to keep food on their tables and provide for their families. This petition is giving a voice to those who are unable to speak up.

 Despite evidence that reports were made of these heinous issues and Dr. Nelson did nothing to remedy them, she is now attempting to point the finger elsewhere and claim herself unaware. These excuses show a lack of leadership, an uncaring attitude towards the students she is meant to protect, and a great incompetence in her role.

 It is because of this that a new superintendent is needed to restore SASIC to the haven it once was for San Antonio students. The removal of Dr. Nelson as superintendent is the first step in ensuring that our students receive the best education and protection that SASIC District can provide and that they deserve.

 We are now looking to you, our parents and members of the community, to do what’s right and relieve Dr. Nelson of her duties as superintendent so that the SASIC District may get back to educating our children and serving the community. Please join us today in signing our petition and let the SASIC District school board know that you support one another in our fight to improve our school and the unfortunate vote of no confidence in our current superintendent, Dr. Tonja D. Nelson. 

 Thank You,



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