Save Saba - Stop Gentrification in our Community!

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Stop gentrification in our community!

Saba Ethiopian Cuisine has been in business for over 18 years. It is also second home to many and the owner, a second mother. The owner, Workie Wubushet, for over a decade has supported nonprofits, donated food and provided gathering space where everyone is welcomed.

Saba is not just a restaurant that is famous for its delicious food. To many, it is a place of love.

The current building owner is in the process of selling the building where the restaurant has been located for more than 18 years. The sale price is $6 million! A new owner will demolish the building, evicting yet another immigrant-owned small business and adding yet further to the gentrification of our community.

We need your support to  call on the current owner, as well as any future owner, to negotiate an agreement that protects Saba Ethiopian Cuisine. The new owner could relocate the restaurant across the street, or temporarily relocate the restaurant while new construction is underway.

Join us in protecting Saba Ethiopian Cuisine, along with all immigrant-owned small businesses that are facing eviction and gentrification in our city!


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