Justice For Saba - Alchemy Real Estate Abused Privilege To Gentrify Our Community

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Justice For Saba - Alchemy Real Estate Abused Privilege To Gentrify Our Community

Privilege Abuse is knowing people of color has great disadvantages and the abuse of that power. This includes breaking the law and knowing this system works in the favor in whites. 

We, the members of the community, supported Saba Ethiopian Cuisine. We called on the property owners to protect the restaurant.

But instead, Alchemy Real Estate (Centric Partners, LLC), viciously evicted the restaurant. Prior to the eviction they meet with the owner, who have since passed due to cancer (that they were aware of) to verbally abused, berated and yell at her because I spoke out about the injustice immigrant and people of color owners are experiencing. Soon after they tried to partner with the NAACP lied about their intentions then evicted her, discriminated against her and continues to "make an example out her" through her children. 

Saba Ethiopian Cuisine had been in business for close to 20 years. It is also second home to many and the owner, a second mother. The owner, my mother, Workie Wubushet, for over a decade has supported nonprofits, donated food and provided gathering space where everyone is welcomed.

Saba was not just a restaurant that is famous for its delicious food. To many, it was a place of love.

The current building owner sold the building where the restaurant has been located for more than 20 years. The sale price was $5.5 million! The new owner, Centric Partners, LLC will demolish the building and now has evicted yet another immigrant-owned small business and adding yet further to the gentrification of our community. 

We call on the current owner to negotiate a settlement that protects Saba Ethiopian Cuisine legacy and remediate damages caused. 

We stand united in protecting Saba Ethiopian Cuisine, along with all immigrant-owned small businesses that are facing eviction, privilege abuse and gentrification in our city!