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Roxy Will be Safe!

Emily Ritsema
Iron Mountain, MI

Feb 10, 2014 — Dear Supporters,
Please visit Roxy's Facebook page for the details regarding the settlement that was reached with the city of Iron Mountain. Roxy will be going to a rescue out of state where she will be evaluated and, most likely, put up for adoption by a loving family. We are thrilled that she will be allowed to live out her life in comfort and peace. I will message again when she has left Michigan and is on her way. Much love to all who have supported her through this 6 month process.

Help Save Roxy
Help Save Roxy
Help Save Roxy. 2,223 likes · 420 talking about this. This case is in Iron Mountain, MI. Roxy was placed on a long leash tie out outside to do her business..It was a hot day and Roxy was pregnant. A woman visiting her Mother stepped out of the house to have a cigarette.