Petition Update

Urgent Help Needed

Emily Ritsema
Iron Mountain, MI

Dec 16, 2013 — Please everyone! I know that this is not the best time with the Holidays upon us, but Roxy urgently needs your help! A new attorney has been brought in who is also working pro bono, but lives 8 hours away from Roxy. We need more money for gas, lodging, and other expenses. If each person who signed this petition was able to donate $1 we would have over $10,000 to save Roxy. Her link is:

Save Roxy
Save Roxy
Roxy was outside on a long leash tie out.Roxy was pregnanat and it was a hot day. A woman visiting her Mother stepped out of the house to have a cigarette. She walked down the alley way and encountered Roxy.Roxy was startled and acted protectivly.Roxy bit the woman on the calf.