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My apologies

Emily Ritsema
Iron Mountain, MI

Sep 24, 2013 — Dear supporters,
My apologies for a few facts that I inadvertently misrepresented. FIrst, the police officers who responded (or any police officer within this jurisdiction) were required to deem Roxy 'aggressive' simply because she bit a person. They didn't make a 'judgment' about her. Second, Roxy was tied outside her house on a tie-out that allowed her to reach the sidewalk. The person who was bitten was on public easement, not on Roxy's property. However, the rest of the statements still stand...she was pregnant, it was hot, and she is condemned to die over one bite that could easily have been prevented. We need to change our laws to reflect logic. If a human lashes out and hits another human (unprovoked) we penalize them but we do not condemn them to die. Dogs have a much lower (supposedly) mental capacity and we do not give them a second chance? That needs to change. Thank you for listening and thank you for your support.


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