SAVE RODABORN – Save the first worldwide freeway restaurant

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Christina Wagner has started this petition and will hand it over to
Andreas Scheuer, the Minister of Transportation.

On freeway A9 in Thüringen in Rodaborn we are operating
the worlds first freeway restaurant. The rest stop was fenced in,
enabling us only to sell our sausages over the fence. Our products
has been very well accepted. Now state officials have denied us the
selling rights and have threaten us with penalty payments.
We are defending our position with this petition. We would rather
go to jail than stop selling our products.

Our application for a selling permit has been denied by the officials,
claiming that a license to sell has already been given to the „Petrol and
Rest Stop group“. They have the monopol over all the rest stops.
We believe that the oldest freeway restaurant in Germany should be
granted an exception allowance.

We should be proud to have the the very first freeway restaurant in our
country. This house was built in freedom and has the right to be saved.
Please help us and sign our petition!