Save Rattray Primary School playground - make PKC look at alternatives for nursery build

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With the expansion of nursery provision from 2020 PKC are planning on extending the nursery at Rattray Primary School onto the playground.  This will bisect the playground, significantly reducing the space for all the children.  The playground is already quite small and it is a facility we really can’t afford to lose any of. This will also adversely affect Bikeability which parent volunteers run at the school plus Bike Club (also run by parents) and visiting practitioners who come to teach a variety of sports.  The extension will accommodate a further 50 places at the nursery.  
As a Parent Council we are horrified and frankly furious about this and are concerned about the impact the building work could have on the school community with reduced space for playtime/lunch time and the possibility of children being kept indoors.  We find this unacceptable as we are constantly told that children need to play outdoors and exercise etc.  The children will effectively be going to school on a building site! 

Where are the nursery children going to go if this happens?  There is no room for them in the school which is bursting at the seams!  With the extra 200 homes being built in Rattray the school roll is going to increase and reducing the playground seems crazy to us.  We can’t believe PKC haven’t looked at other alternatives.  There are other areas of the school in which to accommodate increased nursery provision.  Suggestions made by parents include the following:
Part of the school which is dedicated to P1 could be flattened and rebuilt into a two storey building which would incorporate the new nursery
The nursery could move to the P1 section which could be extended into the small playground space there (currently used by P1 and P2).  There is another playground space in the middle of the school which in the past was used for the infants’ playtime. 
The Community Hub has never fully realised its’ potential as a community space and we believe the nursery could move there.
The road network is already struggling and with an extra 200 homes using Hatton Road (designated school park and stride area) combined with increased nursery provision it is going to be chaos and potentially dangerous.  It just seems like poor planning from the Council.  Instead of building the community hub (the school only get to use this 3 days a week) they should have built a large extension onto the school incorporating a bigger nursery.  They have known for years that they have to provide space for housing which will ultimately result in an increase in the roll.  They helpfully sold off any land around the school onto which a further extension could have been built.

Please sign our petition and help PKC work with us to look at other alternatives.  We are not against nursery expansion just where the council are planning on putting it.

Save our playground for the future of all Rattray kids.  Thank you.



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