Save Randarada and Lalpari lake- birds paradise, from development and boating.

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Help save Randarada and Lalpari lakes from development and boating by signing this petition. These places are home to thousands of birds and other wildlife, human activities like boating will disturb them.

Randarada and Lalpari lakes are historic and older than a century.

Over the years these lakes have become ecosystems and are home to many species of birds and plants.

Aquatic plants, algae, seeds, fish etc are main food source of water birds and waders.

Due to the presence of plentiful food sources and peaceful environment migratory birds (grebes, pelicans, flamingoes, mallards etc) from Russia, China, Europe and many countries get attracted here every year to stay/reside the winter 

The checklist of birds found at these lakes which are made by BCSG ( Birds Conservation Society of Gujarat ) is 231 species, and it includes some species listed as vulnerable or near threatened in the red list by IUCN. (Dalmatian pelican, Kashmir flycatcher, painted stork, ferruginous pochard) and some rare birds also found here.

Plants diversity is also rich as per a survey, both wetlands harbour IUCN red listed Plant Species (Gloriosa superba, Citrulus , Helicrysum cutchicum, Indigofera caerulea, Tephrosia jamnagarensis etc.)

Development activities like boating, amusement park, gardens, food court etc will generate noise pollution and also create a nuisance to bird life and diversity of birds and plants will be vanished.