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For over 60 years PTI has been the preeminent academy for law enforcement education and instruction in the state of Illinois. It's excellent program of instruction for not only basic law enforcement and correctional officers, but specialty courses such as Master Control Tactics Instructor and Master Firearms Instructor, are standards-bearers within the field. The loss of PTI in this role will affect officers and agencies as well as the public, throughout the state in numerous ways. Here are but a few:
-Officer Safety. PTI's instruction provides a continuity of training which enables a commonality of approach. A great number of communities in central Illinois and throughout the state are multi-jurisdictional/municipal aid areas. When there is a commonality of approach, two officers who have never worked with each other previously, arriving on a scene to say, arrest a combative suspect, will do so more efficiently and safely when they know, unspokenly, what the other is doing or about to do.
-Service to the Public. PTI is a long-established center for excellence not only in the law enforcement and educational communities, but also has countless ties to industry, research, and military communities, to name but a few. These unique relationships result in information and instuction on tools, tactics and procedures that is constantly updated, timely, relavent and field-tested. Any academy that would provide anything less, is a disservice to the student-officer and the community which he serves.
-Loss of Specialty Instructional Certifications. Local agencies would soon find their internal training cadre unable to recertify in specialty instruction certifications such as firearms instructors and control tactics instructors, with nearby PTI. With current budget constraints, most agencies within central Illinois simply can not afford to send these instructors to distant academies for recertification. No certified instructors means officers are not receiving the all-important sustainment/in-service training. Here again, this is a disservice to the officer and the public which he serves.
-Economic Impact. The loss of PTI would have a noteable economic impact on the Champaign-Urbana area.

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