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Save Progressive Talk radio AM 1090 KPTK (CBS radio) Seattle: Keep AM 1090 KPTK Progressive talk radio on the free airwaves!

Please do not take AM 1090 KPTK off the public airwaves! We need more progressive talk radio stations in America, not less. We AM 1090 listeners are very loyal to the advertisers and we “pledge” to continue to be! I was told by one advertiser (electric cars, Seattle) that advertising on AM 1090 brought them the best return on their advertising dollars of any advertising they had ever done!
Here in America we have very few progressive talk stations compared to conservative talkers! Please do not limit our ability to hear progressive opinions and learn the FACTS, including science! America needs AM 1090 KPTK! Thank you!

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    Save Progressive Talk radio AM 1090 KPTK (CBS radio) Seattle
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    Carey Curelop

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