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FOX has yet to renew “Prodigal Son” for a third season before it’s season finale. “Prodigal Son” Has an extremely passionate fan base that has followed both seasons. Though ratings have not been great, we the viewers need the show to continue to show us that TV can be fun and entertaining again and simply for pure enjoyment. “Prodigal Son” has shown us that it can stand on its own in storytelling and without the need to rip stories from the headlines to keep its fanbase engaged-fans who are willing to do what it takes to get more seasons, but that FOX never allows a program to thrive before cancelling it is truly disheartening. Shouldn’t ‘WE’ the viewers decide if a program is worth it? With every cancellation FOX stands to lose more viewers like it did when they canceled another fan favorite ‘LUCIFER’ only for the fans to rally and petition for pickup with another network. Which turned our amazing might I add, while games shows and reality TV are dominating television “Prodigal Son” has its fans sitting on the edge of their sits episode after episode waiting to see what comes next, with an amazing cast and production crew they pull the viewer in to an intriguing story that leaves the viewer wanting more. So I implore chairman Rupert Murdoch and Executive chairman Lachlan Murdoch, Michael Thorn to give “Prodigal Son” more seasons and give viewers more reasons to stick  around or let HBO MAX, NETFLIX, OR HULU pick it up to continue the story.