Save PC’s Senior Sidewalks and Memorials

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ATTN: Parkers Chapel School Board
Wes Taylor, President
John Morgan, Vice-President
Lisa Murray, Secretary
Howard Skinner, Member
Jason Hardy, Member
Superintendent White

This community, including its students and alumni, were disheartened to discover the reckless way our history is being destroyed. This petition seeks to save the remaining Senior Sidewalks and Memorials that have enhanced our school as a reminder of our rich traditions and history.

Parkers Chapel’s rich traditions are ingrained in the youth of the community. For many, that occurs before they begin the first day of kindergarten. Countless graduates’ names are stamped into the concrete. For the pre-K, they don’t understand the reasons for those names, but as they walk to lunch, they pick out letters and numbers.

Students progress through the year and begin to read some of the names. They’ve been told those are people who have come before them and graduated from this very school. They walked the same halls. They used the same lockers. And many had the same teachers. For some students, the names found in stone are the names of their great-grandparents and grandparents. Some smile and trace the letters of their parents’ names. Many of those names would go on to inspire and teach others at Parkers Chapel. Other names are a sad reminder of those that left this world all too soon. The words ‘In Memory’ take on a whole new meaning for those of us blessed to know the people behind the names.

On a pretty day in May, a senior picks out the letters for their name. They carefully bend so they don’t flop in the wet concrete. With a hammer and assistance, they tap their name on the back of a 2x4 and declare in stone that they are forever part of this family. They become one of those names in the concrete that holds the attentions of the students who come after them.

One day, their children and grandchildren will walk with them across those sidewalks. They will smile at the names of friends and family members. They will take pictures by their names. And one day they will watch their own children and grandchildren tap their own names into stone. It’s more than history and tradition. It’s generations of memories that no one wants to see lost or forgotten. 

One of the greatest strengths of Parkers Chapel is our strong community. We are a family. Because of our great community and amazing school—our family—we have reached the need for expansion. It was discussed and voted on. We are all for safety and other needs for our school.

In the name of expansion, the alumni genealogy was destroyed. The names of our family who first walked our halls were torn from the ground and trashed at the site of a former landfill with claims to redo them. 

Our history didn’t need replicated. It needed to be preserved and relocated. Some would need touch ups and repairs. Perhaps others would unfortunately suffer irreparable damage and need to be replaced. We ask for a feasible plan to be enacted for the remaining collection of the school’s genealogy to relocate them.

We sign this begging you not to destroy the rest of our history. Save the school money by understanding the wear and tear on them is what makes them rich and meaningful and we want them preserved as they are.

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