Save Palgrave Estates

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The Town of Caledon is bringing to an end our beautiful and unique Estate Community.

Our area is called the Palgrave Estate Residential Community (PERC). It spans just north of Castlederg to highway 9 and runs West to Hwy 50 and East to Albion Trail.

PERC’s density and estate lot size rules were created over 40 years ago to prevent clustered housing that takes place everywhere else and offer an alternative residential option in Caledon. Ontario has very few estate communities left. PERC is one of the few allowed to maintain the large estate lot zoning.

The Town is proposing changes to PERC to allow the building of townhouses and condominiums (aka clustered housing) on new available land (usually farmland).

The Town tries to dismiss resident concerns about this by saying that the new policies would maybe allow the building of a place or two like the Adult Lifestyle Community called, “Legacy Pines.” However, if restrictions are removed and builders are given a choice about whether to build estate homes or condos/townhouses, they will go for higher profits and build condo/townhomes every time. And, these many condo/townhouse developments will not necessarily be like Legacy Pines!

The Town is arguing that one of the reasons they want to do this is to bring affordable housing to PERC but there is plenty of affordable housing in Caledon East and Bolton, a short drive away.

Most residents in PERC would be against new policies to bring in townhouses/condos. It will increase the value of farm lands only and encourage them to sell. Replacing farms with clustered housing changes the unique estate and farming community we live in.

The Town says population density rules will not change in PERC if they allow condos and townhouses but we are not convinced! The Town is considering rewarding builders with extra density bonuses if they build “clustered” developments. If 50 townhouses/condos are packed into the corner of a large parcel of land, there is nothing stopping the next administration from changing the rules again and filling in the rest. Estate lots on the same parcel of land would guarantee nothing else is added and the density would stay the same.

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