Decision Maker Response

Stockbridge Parish Council’s response

Stockbridge Parish Council
Parish Clerk

Jul 3, 2018 — The Parish Council is seeking the views of all residents and interested parties in respect of a potential redevelopment of the Old Police Station and Copperknobs off the High Street in Stockbridge.

The Parish Council has published a Statement of Intention in respect of the potential redevelopment. The Statement can be read in full by using the link below. The Statement gives further details about what the Parish Council is intending to do by way of a response to the potential redevelopment. At this stage the Parish Council is intending to do nothing more than consult with residents and other interested parties as to whether the Parish Council should enter into discussions with the developers.

The Parish Council considers that a questionnaire distributed to all households and businesses in Stockbridge plus being made available on the Parish Council’s web site and other public places is the best way to obtain the views of as many residents and interested parties as possible.

The Parish Council is proposing to compile a Facts Sheet of information received so that the residents and interested parties can make an informed response that is based on facts not rumours or hearsay. Responses can be made via the Parish Council questionnaire in a hard copy or electronic format over a period of time allowing for careful reflection in one’s own time and choosing. Some residents or interested parties might not want to respond at a public meeting or be available to attend. Although there are calls for the Parish Council to convene a public meeting before the initial developer drop in session on Tuesday 17th July, the Parish Council considers that such a public meeting would be premature prior to the 17th as residents and others have not had an opportunity to ask questions directly of the developers or because some detailing might have changed from the initial presentation.

Please take time to read the Parish Council's Statement of Intent and e-mail any further requests for information that you might have in respect of the potential redevelopment to The Parish Council will endeavour to get further information and responses.