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To protect and serve minorities

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The IMPD's Robbery/Homicide department is purposely neglecting to aggressively investigate violent crimes in our black community unlike is does in the white community. Our civil rights are still being neglected, abused and disrespected in the most insidious manner, by failing to investigate or follow up and indict on murders and robberies. .

Being a victim of a home invasion robbery and then a murder at my home, my and my family are repeatedly dealing with the detectives. We have been met with humor, harassment, and condemnation as if we are perpetrators instead of a heart broken victims. My son's murder and the home invasion robbery where the perpetrators were handpicked from a photo array, but no one has been arrested or indicted.

Since there are many families suffering injustice from the exact same scenario, we have to come together in an attempt to get the federal government to look into this disparity percentage rate of solved crimes in black vs white communities!

I am attempting to gather enough signatures to promote transparency with the United States Justice Department, as well as, the FBI to look into IMPD. There are so many parents mourning and devastated by the lost of a son or daughter in Indianapolis and we want to know why the perpetrators are still walking the streets.

As long as the police and prosecutor allows this lawlessness, there will will be no peace, unity or love for each other in this neglected atmosphere. Will you STAND up with me and try to STOP the war of genocide? 


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